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tatsuki's Journal

Tatsumi x Tsuzuki
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Welcome to the Tatsumi x Tsuzuki community. ^_^;;

This is for fans for this particular couple of the anime/manga, Yami no Matsuei. ~_^ Everyone is encouraged to join.

Ground rules

1. Respect all members. You're free to express your opinions, as long as you do so in a mature manner. Flamers will NOT be tolerated

2. When posting, if there are spoilers in your post, PLEASE lj cut it and MARK your spoilers. Not everyone has read all the manga or seen all of the anime.

3. Introduce yourself to the community. Let people get to know you. It's what a community is mainly about, making new friends and sharing common interests. ^_^;;

4. Feel free to post fanart and fanfiction on the site, but please lj cut them.

For fanfics, follow this format:

Chapter (If it's a one shot, ignore this):

If you're posting R or NC-17 content, please give the proper warnings (Like NCS, lemon, etc).

For fanart, follow the same format as fanfics, just ignore the chapter option.

For RPs, same thing as fanfiction, only ignore the chapter option. ^_^;;

5. Essays/rants/muses/etc are welcomed, just be sure to mark spoilers. LJ cut them as well.

6. Keep on topic. The basic idea is discussions on Tatsumi and Tsuzuki. If you want to talk about Yami no Matsuei in general, they have their own community, which is found here: yami_no_matsuei

7. Um, I shouldn't really have to say this, but I'll say it anyways. Don't flame people because of their couple preference. Everyone out there has a different opinion on couples, some of us belong to other Yami couple communities as well. Be open minded of other people's opinions

If you can follow the rules, then you should do fine here. Enjoy the community. ^_^;;



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