Zatken - MysticAriadne (mysticariadne) wrote in tatsuki,
Zatken - MysticAriadne

New YnM Fic - Ragnarok Descends -

New YnM fic, sequel to Kyoto Files Revisited and Apocalypse Rising. 

As Heaven allows for Armageddon to crash down upon Chijou, Tsuzuki chooses to go with Muraki and leaves Hisoka behind in spite of their relationship taking a deeper and far more serious turn.  New revelations are revealed, leaving everyone to question as to what he or she truly stands for and believes in. 

As the battlefield gets heated and mankind's fate hangs in the balance, the Shokan Division staff and Meifu will cross paths with Tsuzuki once more - not as the friend and most powerful shinigami in Meifu but as part of Creation's sworn enemies.  Pairings: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, Tatsumi/Watari, Terazuma/Wakaba, Muraki/Oriya/Ukyo (some hints of Tatsumi/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Tsuzuki)

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