The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in tatsuki,
The Matrix Refugee

FIC: "Tears Like Rain"

Title: Tears Like Rain
Author: Matrix Refugee
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tatsumi/Tsuzuki
Genre: Friendship/possible pre-slash
Comments: Set pre-series, possibly back in the day when Tatsumi and Tsuzuki were still partners. Written originally for centi_50, and I'm finding Tatsumi's voice perfect for writing drabbles: he's got this lyrical, Zen-like way of sharing his thoughts, which is ideal for these postage-stamp-sized fics.
Disclaimer: I do not own Yami no Matsuei, aka Descendants of Darkness, it’s characters, concepts and other indicia, which are the intellectual property of Yoko Matsushita, Hiroko Tokita, Manga Entertainment, Viz Media, Hakusensha, Central Park Media, et al.
Word Count: 95

( They call the eyes the windows of the soul... )
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